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12 March 2019 - 14 March 2019
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
5th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

How the B2B Matchmaking works


The workflow in detail

      1. Online registration and login

        Register for the forum and indicate which matchmaking sessions you are going to attend. Note: If you do not activate any of the matchmaking check boxes, you will not be able to request or be asked for meetings.

        Fill in your contact information and company profile, which will be visible for other participants. Note: The sooner you set up a meaningful profile, the better chance other delegates will request meetings with you.

        In your personal dashboard you can change your profile including your attendance any time.

              2. Selection and booking of bilateral meetings

          On 19 February 2019, you can start to receive and send meeting requests to attendees you want to meet at the event. You will be informed by email about the start of the booking.

          Browse in the list of participants or use the searching function to find interesting potential collaboration contacts. 

          Booking of bilateral meetings: Once you have found the most promising meeting partners you can select them for bilateral meetings. Use the green button "request meeting" which you can find on each participants profile.

          You can schedule up to 16 meetings, but please be aware that the bookings are managed on the principle "first come - first served".

          Answer your incoming meeting requests. Select the tab "Meetings" to list all meeting requests. Use the button “Accept” or "Decline", respectively. In case you cannot attend a scheduled meeting, please cancel it.

          Your personal meeting schedule provides information about who you are going to meet, the time and the table number to find your meeting partner. When logged in to your matchmaking profile, you can view your updated meeting schedule under the tab "Agenda" at any time.

                3. At the Forum

          During the event, the B2match mobile app allows you to manage your meetings or view your personal meeting schedule wherever you are. Install the B2match mobile app via the app store - It is for free.

          At the Matchmaking Information Desk you will receive an updated version of your meeting schedule including last minute bookings whenever needed. Your personal meeting schedule shows for each meeting the name of your meeting partner, the time and the number of table for each meeting. Stick to your meeting schedule so your potential collaboration partner does not have to wait for you. 


          Closed since 12 March 2019


          01 BP 1387 Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

          Organised by


          Participants 191
          Meetings 252


          Angola 1
          Austria 4
          Belgium 11
          Burkina Faso 3
          Burundi 1
          Cameroon 2
          Canada 1
          Cape Verde 4
          China 3
          Colombia 2
          Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The 1
          Côte d'Ivoire 54
          Ethiopia 1
          France 14
          Gambia 3
          Germany 16
          Ghana 4
          Greece 1
          India 2
          Italy 8
          Kenya 10
          Korea, Republic Of 1
          Liberia 2
          Luxembourg 1
          Malawi 2
          Mali 2
          Mauritania 1
          Morocco 2
          Netherlands 6
          Nigeria 21
          Norway 2
          Portugal 2
          Senegal 5
          Sierra Leone 1
          South Africa 3
          Spain 6
          Swaziland 2
          Switzerland 2
          Tanzania, United Republic Of 3
          Togo 10
          Tunisia 1
          Uganda 2
          United Arab Emirates 1
          United Kingdom 9
          United States 18
          Zambia 1
          Total 252


          Government Agency/Programme 39
          Development Bank 17
          Development Organisation 20
          Investor/Finance 18
          Start-Up 24
          SME 32
          Industry 33
          Consultancy 22
          Association 7
          NGO 19
          Academia/Research 5
          Other 14
          Total 250